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5 Ways Seniors Can Deal with Summer Heat

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As the climate moves away from winter cold and into the summer heat, senior citizens will have to deal with heat-related ailments. High temperatures not only cause health problems but also worsen pre-existing ones, like hypertension and heart disease.

Here are some of the ways seniors can survive the summer heat:

  1. Wear light and loose clothing.
    • Choose clothes made of light fabric, like linen and cotton. Make sure that they have light colors, as dark ones tend to absorb light and heat.
  2. Cut down on tea, coffee, and alcohol.
    • These liquids have a diuretic effect which can put your loved one at risk of dehydration. Coffee and alcohol also put the body under stress, so it’s better to avoid drinking them often as much as possible.
  3. Plan activities earlier or later in the day.
    • The sun is at its brightest between 10 AM and 4 PM. If you’re planning to go out with your loved one, adjust your schedule around these times.
  4. Check their medication.
    • Some medications affect the body’s ability to adapt to high temperatures. Make sure to seek advice from your loved one’s physician or favorite pharmacist. Our caregivers can also help your loved one manage their medication intake.
  5. Stay cool
    • Use a fan, drink cool refreshments, or stay in the shade. These little things can help your loved one beat the heat. Once again, our caregivers can help you with these things!
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