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In-Home Services for Seniors with Diabetes

In-Home Services for Seniors with Diabetes

National Diabetes Awareness Month is celebrated every November. In commemoration, this article will discuss the care services that may be availed particularly for seniors with diabetes.
Seniors are at a higher risk of developing diabetes. According to the National Council for Aging Care, around 25 percent of people aged 65 and older have the disease. Eating habits over time contribute largely to their predisposition to develop diabetes. Other factors involve genetics, inactivity, and metabolic syndrome, among others.
In-home care services, although widely availed for seniors with other conditions including dementia and blindness, are also beneficial for those with diabetes. These services aid in the management of the disease and supplement the treatments received from physicians.
In-home care services cover both home care and home health services. Home care services, which deal primarily with personal care and homemaking, can help seniors with diabetes in terms of meal preparation and exercises. On the other hand, home health services, such as skilled nursing services, can assist them with insulin shots and other medication.
Clayton’s Angels is an agency that offers both skilled nursing services and homemaker services in Georgia. The care professionals that make up the agency are passionate about providing personalized, dependable, and accessible in-home care services that are available state-wide.
Visit the home health care agency in Martinez, Georgia to avail of home health and personal care in Augusta, Georgia, and other areas.

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