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Meal Planning and Preparation for In-Home Services

Meal Planning and Preparation for In-Home Services

In-home services are often provided for individuals in old age and those who are facing disabilities or illnesses. Special care and attention are directed towards beneficiaries’ diet and nutrition whether they are receiving home care, home health, or a combination of the two.

Home care refers to non-medical in-home services that deal primarily with personal care, companionship, and homemaking. Home health, on the other hand, is of medical nature and includes home health aide, physical therapist, or skilled nursing services.

Caregivers for individuals receiving home care services assist with diet and nutrition from grocery shopping to meal preparation. Everything they prepare is subject to the recommendations and restrictions of the beneficiaries’ doctors to guarantee healthy and independent living.

Meal preparation in light of doctors’ prescriptions is likewise done in home health. In-home health, however, there is a particular emphasis on recovery from conditions and alleviation of symptoms and effects.

Both services are offered by Clayton’s Angels, an agency that provides skilled nursing and personal or homemaker services in Georgia. It is driven by its staff of kindhearted care and medical professionals to deliver the utmost services at the highest quality.

To avail of the above services, visit the home care and home health care agency in Martinez, Georgia or go to their website at Other services offered include geriatric care, respite care, and more.

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