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Why Pre and Post-operative Care Matters

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Undergoing surgery is a delicate process. Research shows that emergency general surgeries (which include appendix removal, stomach ulcer surgery, and gallbladder removal) make up 11% of all surgical admissions and 50% of surgery deaths in the US.


A lot of preparation is necessary to boost outcomes and reduce complications. A lot of the patient’s usual routines will have to be discontinued to prepare their bodies for surgery, like eating, drinking, and toileting. Medication intake will have to be adjusted according to the recommendations of a physician. After surgery, a lot of care will also be needed to reduce the risk of infection, readmission, or relapse. Pain management will be important also.

All of these things can be accomplished by a registered nurse.

This is where pre-operative and post-operative care come in. Through these services, a registered nurse can help your loved one transition well into and out of surgery. With their expertise, not only will your loved one undergo surgery well but also recover well. Their assistance can increase the success of your loved one’s return to their normal life, along with reducing health risks and healthcare costs.

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